4 common injuries in rear-end collisions

After a rear-end collision, there are a number of injuries that people may suffer from. Some of the most common that take place include whiplash, spinal injuries, head injuries and facial disfigurement.

With each of these injuries, the reality is that the angle of impact has a lot to do with why they happen. The force causes a person’s head to whip forward and back. They might hit it on windows or the steering column, the air bag, dashboard or windshield. Any of these impacts or forces can lead to the following injuries.


Whiplash happens when the head whips forward and back quickly. This strains the muscles and tendons in the neck and shoulders, which leads to swelling and stiffness. Whiplash can be minor or significant enough to require hospitalization. It may cause dizziness, headaches or other symptoms.

Spinal injuries

Like whiplash, spinal injuries could happen if a person is impacted during a crash. The force of the impact itself could be enough to cause misalignment, and an impact could result in fractures or damage to the nerves.

Head injuries

Head injuries may occur in several of the ways stated above. A person might hit their head, or the brain could impact the skull without an outward impact. With head injuries, there could be skull fractures or problems with the brain. Brain injuries can be life-threatening injuries and require immediate intervention.

Facial disfigurement

Finally, there is a risk of facial disfigurement. With facial disfigurements, it’s difficult to live a normal life. You may have to go through surgeries just to look like yourself. Some people require prostheses.

Facial disfigurements could happen if you hit your face on the steering wheel, the dashboard, windows or other parts of the vehicle. If a fire or chemicals affect the collision, you could also have disfigurements from these factors.

No matter what kind of challenges you face following a crash, it is important that you have a chance to overcome them. Whether it’s broken bones or disfigurement, the right medical care makes a difference. Following an accident, you need to seek out care right away.

With immediate medical care, it’s possible to reduce the risk of secondary injuries and complications from harm caused by the crash. This can make it easier to recover, which is better for everyone involved in the collision. Once you reach a point where you know how your conditions will affect you, a claim can be made.

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