Drugged driving becoming major cause of car accidents

Alcohol’s effect on an individual’s ability to drive is no secret. Most people know that alcohol can impair an individual’s judgment, slow his or her reaction time and diminish his or her ability to multitask while driving. This means that a motorist can fail to stop at a stop sign or a traffic light, fail to yield at a crosswalk or swerve into oncoming traffic. Yet, despite these dangerous limitations, far too many people still choose to climb behind the wheel while intoxicated.

While drunk driving continues to be a major concern on America’s roadways, there’s another type of dangerous driving sweeping the country. Drugged driving is becoming ever more problematic. In fact, next to alcohol abuse, marijuana use is the second leading substance that is abused by Americans. Like alcohol, marijuana can severely diminish an individual’s driving abilities. It, too, can slow reaction time, decrease hand-eye coordination and impair judgment. This means that individuals who are high on marijuana while driving can be just as dangerous as those who are under the influence of alcohol.

The statistics show the dangers of drugged driving, too. In fact, one study estimates that 44 percent of drivers involved in fatal car accidents are under the influence of drugs. This is wholly unacceptable. Individuals who think it is a good idea to drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol need to be held accountable for the harm that they cause to innocent motorists.

This is why it is important to pursue personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits when car accidents are caused by the negligence of another. If successful on one of these claims, compensation may be recoverable to offset damages such as medical expenses, funeral costs and lost wages. To learn more about how to aggressively pursue one of these claims, a car accident victim can discuss their situation with a competent attorney.

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