Phoenix semi-truck accident kills two, injures two others

If you tend to grip your steering wheel tighter when you find yourself surrounded by semi-trucks, you’re not alone. Many Phoenix area motorists are fearful of these big rigs, and for good reason. A truck that is being driven in a negligent manner can destroy a car and leave individuals with devastating, life-altering injuries. In the worst accidents, victims lose their lives. Fortunately, most semi-truck drivers operate their vehicles in a safe fashion. However, this isn’t always the case, as may have been the case in one recent car accident right here in Phoenix.

In the recent incident, two people were killed and two others were seriously injured when the pickup truck in which they were riding was hit by a semi-truck. The wreck occurred near 69th Avenue and Buckeye Road on the city’s west side. Reports indicate that the wreck occurred when a semi-truck turned into oncoming traffic, striking the pickup truck. A man and a little girl riding in the pickup were killed, while a woman and a young boy were seriously injured. They are said to be in critical condition.

The exact cause of this accident remains under investigation, and police have yet to rule out intoxication or distraction. Sadly, negligence is the driving force of many wrecks, which means that a significant number of accidents, injuries and deaths could have been prevented. This is unacceptable, and many victims are left feeling like life is unfair as they struggle to cope with their damages, which can be far-reaching.

Legal action may bring comfort to these victims and their families, as the imposition of liability may provide a sense of justice and closure. Additionally, those who are successful on a personal injury or wrongful death claim may be awarded compensation for damages, such as lost wages, medical expenses and even pain and suffering. The facts are crucial, which is why the outcomes of investigations like the one mentioned above are often critical.

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