Steps to take after a dog bite

Most dogs seem friendly. However, in the blink of an eye these animals can turn vicious, causing extensive damage to an unsuspecting individual. There are certain steps that individuals should take immediately after a dog bite to reduce the risks associated with them. Those who don’t may be at an increased risk of infection, worsened medical conditions, more extensive disfigurement, and even death.

The biggest concern with dog bites is infection. Obviously, one reason for this concern is the fact that at least half of all dogs carry dangerous bacteria that can be introduced to a human through a dog bit. Also, since dog bites compress the flesh leaving open wounds, if not treated properly an infection can fester, spread, and become quite serious. This is why the first step to take after a dog bite is to gently compress it so that blood flushes out the wound.

But there are other steps that should be taken, too. AN individual should quickly wash the wound with soap and water, use a clean cloth to stem the bleeding, apply antibiotic cream to the wound, and then wrap the wound with a clean bandage. After that, the bandage should be regularly changed and a dog bite victim should see a doctor who can better determine an effective course of treatment.

The damages associated with a dog bite can be quite severe. While there is usually physical pain and suffering, there is oftentimes additional harm caused to one’s emotional and financial well-being. These damages can leave a dog bite victim overwhelmed, stressed, and uncertain about his or her future. Under these circumstances, a victim should consider speaking with a legal professional who may be able to help them craft an argument in hopes of imposing liability on the dog’s owner and recovering compensation.

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