Woman seriously injured in crash likely caused by intoxication

A recent car accident in Phoenix left one woman with injuries that are serious enough to threaten her life. According to reports, a car being driven by a 22-year-old man turned left into the vehicle being driven by the woman, causing her vehicle to roll. The woman was thrown from her vehicle as a result. She was subsequently rushed to the hospital. Five other individuals riding in her vehicle also suffered injuries.

The driver and his passengers were uninjured, but Phoenix police suspect that intoxication played a role in the accident. Criminal charges are likely to be pursued, but investigators are waiting for the result of blood tests to determine blood alcohol content, and they are currently pursuing accident reconstruction in an attempt to get a clearer picture as to how the car accident occurred.

Sadly, wrecks like this are all too common in the Phoenix area. Criminal charges, while seeking to punish those who drive drunk, do nothing for victims who are injured in these crashes. However, legal action can still be taken by these victims in a civil court of law if they want to try to recover compensation for their damages. Medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, lost wages and even pain and suffering damages may all be recoverable through a personal injury lawsuit.

The outcome of a criminal investigation can play an important role in a personal injury lawsuit. After all, if investigators determine that the individual who was responsible for the accident in question was intoxicated, then it will be easier for a victim to show negligence and causation, the two main legal elements that must be shown in order to impose liability and recover compensation for damages suffered.

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