Impaired driver injures three kids in Phoenix car accident

No matter how safely you drive, a negligent driver can take you by surprise and cause a devastating car accident that leaves you and your passengers seriously injured. That may sound scary, but it’s the truth. Every day innocent individuals are injured in car accidents caused by negligent and reckless motorists.

Just look at one recent accident that occurred near 43rd Avenue and Happy Valley Road. There, three children, ages 16, 13 and 11, were seriously injured when an alleged impaired driver turned left in front of their truck. Although that alleged impaired driver was subsequently taken into custody, that does nothing for the victims who were rushed to the hospital in serious condition.

What is almost certain is that these children will have extensive injuries and damages that they will have to face on their road to recovery. Sure, there’s physical pain and suffering that they will have to get through, but there will probably also be significant emotional harm. The costs associated with caring for these harms can be tremendous, too, and not only financial in nature. Oftentimes car accident victims and their loved ones feel cheated by the negligent drivers who harmed them, and these victims and their families want some sort of justice and compensation.

This is understandable, which is why personal injury legal options may help victims fight for what they deserve. That very well may be what happens in these children’s situation. Sadly, legal action cannot right a wrong, but it can provide emotional and financial relief to those in need.

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