Phoenix pedestrian accident leaves one dead, injures three

Walking in the Phoenix area shouldn’t be a dangerous activity. Yet, more often than many notice, negligent drivers act in a way that threatens to cause pedestrians serious harm. Those who are struck by an errant vehicle can suffer serious damages. They may be left physically disabled, emotionally traumatized and financially devastated. Sadly, sometimes these wrecks result in wrongful death, which was the case in one recent Phoenix pedestrian accident.

In the recent incident, three people suffered serious injuries and another was killed when they were struck in a hit-and-run accident. According to reports, the crash occurred in the early morning hours at the intersection of Seventh Avenue and Camelback Road. Police say a white Mazda 6 struck the young adults as they were crossing the street, but fled the scene afterwards. Three injured individuals were taken to the hospital in serious condition. Tragically, one of the victims was killed in the wreck.

The investigation into this pedestrian accident is ongoing as police continue to search for the driver. Once the driver is found, that individual is likely to face criminal charges. Yet, even a criminal conviction does little to quell these victims’ losses. This is why a personal injury or a wrongful death lawsuit may be the best route for these victims and their families to find a sense of justice and maybe recover compensation for their losses.

Pursuing one of these claims can be challenging. In this case, for example, the driver must be located and evidence must be gathered showing that the driver was negligent and that negligence caused the accident and injuries in question.

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