Spring hazards are prevalent for motorcyclists

Many motorcyclists choose to bring their bikes out in the spring months when the weather starts to get nice. There are many hazards that can occur when you first take your motorcycle out. Preparing for them can increase your ability to remain safe.

As you ride in the spring, remember that many motorists might not be looking out for motorcyclists yet. Do all you can to stay out of harm’s way.

Check your motorcycle and gear

Your motorcycle and gear should be in good condition. At a minimum, you should check your bike’s tires, brakes and lights to ensure they are in working order. You also need to give your helmet the once over and be sure that you have proper boots and clothing. You need to be sure that if you are hit by a vehicle that you have adequate protections.

Remember the springtime hazards

Some hazards are more prevalent in the spring than in other seasons. While Phoenix doesn’t have harsh winters, some seasonal hazards are also present. One of the most common, especially in rural areas, is animals. Baby animals, as well as wildlife looking for food, might venture out onto the roadways. You should be prepared to avoid them.

Potholes are another issue. Even dirt or debris on the edge of the roads can cause you to lose control of your motorcycle. If you happen to venture to areas where there was snow, be aware of sand or salt on the road because these can cause you to lose traction.

Watch for other drivers

You should pay close attention to the actions of other drivers. Don’t assume that they are watching for you or that they see you. Around two-thirds of accidents that include a motorcycle and another vehicle are the fault of the other driver. With this in mind, you should ensure that you are vigilant because there is a chance that the drivers won’t see you or that they might just overlook your motorcycle.

If you are struck by another driver, be sure to go to the doctor or emergency room if you think you have any injuries. You may also opt to seek compensation if you suffered any financial damages in the crash.

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