Brain injuries can lead to serious long-term problems

When most people think about the brain injuries that occur in a car wreck, they might focus on the immediate impacts. They may not realize that these can often come with long-lasting effects that can have significant ramifications for a person’s life.

The long-term effects of these injuries are directly tied to several factors. These include the severity of the injury, the location, and the type of treatment received after the accident. People who receive immediate and comprehensive treatment have a chance to fare better than those who don’t.

Compounded injuries make this worse

People who suffer from more than one brain injury can have more serious long-term impacts from them. Even if someone only has one incident, they can still suffer from long-lasting effects if the damage to the brain was severe or if it occurred in more than one location.

The long-term effects might not be noticed by some individuals. Things like trouble concentrating can often be thought of as just a normal factor of aging. Memory problems, irritability, changes in sleeping habits, psychological challenges, light or noise sensitivity and similar issues are all long-term possibilities.

More serious impacts are possible

Around 20 percent of people who have a concussion will suffer from post-concussion syndrome. This includes symptoms that last for longer than six weeks after the injury, even if those symptoms are minor.

Another issue that often occurs is chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Currently, this is only diagnosable after the victim passes away. It is caused by repeated brain injuries and is the result of changes in the way that the brain works.

It is also possible for traumatic brain injuries to cause brain disorders, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, dementia and other catastrophic conditions. There isn’t a way to determine which types of issues will stem from the incident, so people who have suffered a TBI of any severity should be closely monitored and must be vigilant to watch for symptoms.

People who are in accidents that result in any injury, including those to the head, may choose to seek compensation for the damages. In the case of a brain injury, making sure they are seeking enough to cover future medical bills is imperative since treatments can be lifelong and costly.

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