Helping children heal after a brain injury

Being involved in a car wreck with your children in the vehicle is a harrowing experience for parents. There are many possible injuries that the child could suffer, including a brain injury. If your kid does have this type of injury, even if it is a concussion, you are in for a long road toward recovery while they heal.

If your child hits their head in the accident or seems very shaken up, they need to visit a doctor to get care and have an evaluation done. The doctor can give you a treatment plan based on the diagnosis. Children might not show signs of an issue right away. It is possible for concussion symptoms to become evident days or even weeks after the crash.

Symptoms to watch for

One of the most common symptoms of a brain injury in children is a headache. The child might complain of head pain, but they might also say their eyes hurt or that they feel like someone is squeezing their head. Some children will feel extra sleepy or become dizzy. They may have trouble with concentration or memory. They might become irritable, sad, withdrawn, angry or anxious. Any of these signs means the child needs to go to the doctor.

Helping your child heal

Children who suffer a head injury often need brain rest. This is difficult because it requires them to just rest. They can’t get on electronics or read physical books. They need to just close their eyes and laze around to give their brain a chance to heal.

The need for brain rest can mean that they can’t return to school right away. You will have to work with the school to ensure they don’t get too far behind, but you can’t force the child to do more than they are capable of doing. Reintegration into schoolwork must be done slowly to avoid overwhelming them. They might be able to go to school a couple of hours on their first day back but then they must rest the remainder of the day.

Other issues can also be worked around. If the child has trouble with memory or concentration, giving information in easily digestible formats and being willing to repeat information can help. Wearing sunglasses or headphones can help with sensory problems stemming from light or sounds.

With your child needing medical care and being unable to attend school like usual, you might find that you have to take time off work. Couple this with the influx in medical bills and normal life expenses and you might find that you are suffering financially. Seeking compensation can help in this area.

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