Injured pedestrians can often successfully claim damages

Pedestrians are the most vulnerable group of people using the roads because unlike drivers and cyclists, they have no form of protection in the event of a collision. Additionally, unlike drivers, they will likely not have accident insurance to protect them financially.

If you were injured by a driver or cyclist as a pedestrian, you probably needed to seek medical attention. Getting medical attention can be costly, and going through the ordeal of a collision can be very painful and stressful. All injured pedestrians in Arizona should look into their options when it comes to making a claim. The following are the first steps that you should take in doing so.

Obtain the contact details of those involved

At the scene where you are injured, it is important that you request contact details of all those at the scene if it is possible to do so. It is especially important to get the contact details of the driver or cyclist who caused your injuries.

Write everything down

It can be so easy to forget the minute details of the incident, so it is vital that you write down everything you can remember as soon as possible. This can help you to provide specific and reliable information when you make a legal claim.

Collect and preserve evidence

The cuts and bruises that you experienced as a result of the incident will heal quickly, so it is important that you document them soon after you were injured. You will need to be able to show the full extent of your injuries. Additionally, you should retain all medical documents that you received during your treatment for your injuries.

Notify the responsible parties

Before you take action to make a claim for damages, you should notify those whom you deem responsible, stating your intentions.

File a claim

When you have proof of damages and you are in a position where you want to recoup those damages, you are now in a position to file a claim. It is always best to recover fully from your injuries before engaging in a personal injury claim because it can cause unnecessary stress that may stifle your healing process.

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