Distracted driving is a problem that must be addressed

Distracted driving crashes are almost always preventable because each driver has the choice of what to allow to impact their ability to operate the vehicle. Some people think they can safely drive even when distracted. The harsh truth is that distracted driving doesn’t only affect the person who is driving, but it impacts every other person who is sharing the road with them.

It is imperative that the rate of distracted driving is reduced. Each year, there are around 400,000 injuries and 3,000 deaths attributed to this problem. There are several things that drivers can do that reduce the chance of being distracted while they drive. Remember these because they can help you to remain within the legal bounds of laws being passed in the United States to reduce the number of distracted driving wrecks.

Keep your focus

One of the most important things that drivers can do is to remember that they don’t need to handle other tasks while driving. You need to use your eyes, mind and hands to drive, so there isn’t really anything that you can use for other tasks.

Some drivers believe that short distractions are safe, but this is far from true. You have to consider the type of distraction, but also the longevity of it. If your vehicle is traveling 55 miles per hour, which is slower than the average interstate speed in this country, you will move the length of a football field in only five seconds. That is the average amount of time it takes to read or reply to a text. When you think about that distance, you can imagine how many accidents can occur.

Thinking that you can multitask when you are driving is another major problem. Younger drivers don’t have the skill set to do this, and older drivers push their limits with doing other things while they drive.

Encountering distracted drivers

It is sometimes obvious that a driver is distracted. If you encounter a vehicle that seems to be operated by someone who isn’t paying attention to the road, try to stay away from the automobile if you can do so safely. Additionally, you might consider contacting the police department in the area to alert them.

If a distracted driver slams into your vehicle, you should get emergency services out to the scene. Tell your side of the incident to the officer who responds, but be careful not to accept responsibility for the wreck. You need to preserve your rights in Arizona to seek compensation after the wreck.

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