Marijuana use can increase car accident risk

Drunk driving continues to be a problem across Arizona. However, as marijuana becomes more acceptable in society, more individuals are turning to the drug. This means that there is likely to be an increase in the number of drivers who are under the influence of marijuana. But how, if at all, does marijuana affect a person’s ability to drive safely?

Similar to alcohol, marijuana can have a tremendous impact on a driver’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. To start, marijuana can slow an individual’s reaction time. This can make it challenging for them to appropriately yield to pedestrians and motorcycles, or stop at stoplights and stop signs. Marijuana can also distort an individual’s perception and minimize coordination. Decision-making skills are also negatively affected. All of these effects can put innocent motorists in jeopardy of being harmed in a serious car accident.

Unfortunately, there is no roadside test that can detect marijuana intoxication in a similar fashion to a breathalyzer test for alcohol. But, this doesn’t mean that a car accident victim will be unable to present evidence that drug use contributed to an accident in question. It does, however, mean that these victims need to be proactive in building any personal injury cases they may pursue.

A personal injury case may include witness testimony that can assist in demonstrating that the behaviors exhibited by the driver after an accident correlate to intoxication. Subpoenaing any results of blood tests administered after the crash may also help support a personal injury claim. Car accident victims need to be prepared to build the strongest case possible when pursuing compensation for the damages that have been inflicted upon them.

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