Soft tissue damage can temporarily paralyze victims

Immediately after a car accident, sports collision or other strong impact, victims may not feel any soreness or stiffness for hours or even until the next day. This can cause some victims to assume that they survive the experience without any serious injuries, and they may even continue with their daily routine without receiving a full physical examination.

Any time that you experience a strong impact to your body, soft tissue damage may occur, as well as other potentially harmful internal injuries. often called whiplash. Even if you don’t see or feel any injuries at first, it is wise to go see a doctor as soon as you can, to identify hidden injuries and avoid needless pain and long-term effects.

Soft-tissue damage, commonly called whiplash, is only one form of delayed pain injury, and film and television tend to portray these injuries as shorthand for a dishonest victim trying to scam the legal system by wearing a foam collar and exaggerating their injury. Some victims may attempt this approach occasionally, which undermines just how painful and debilitating the injury can be. If you recently suffered soft-tissue damage, do not wait to seek out the medical care you need and consider building a personal injury suit to compensate you for your expenses and suffering.

Soft-tissue damage halts most activities

Until you experience a serious case of whiplash, it is difficult to understand just how debilitating the injuries can become. For instance, a victim may experience a car accident and walk away from it, thankful that they only received some scrapes and bruises. It is only later, after they sleep, that they wake up and realize that they cannot move part or most of their body.

A severe or even moderate case of whiplash can make moving your body incredibly painful. If the damage occurs in your neck or back, you may not be able to perform the functions of your job, which may threaten your employment and impact your income.

Whiplash can last for a few days or up to several weeks. While the damage is temporary, the time you spend paralyzed by the pain of moving may harm you in many practical ways that make it difficult to recover. If you cannot work for a few weeks, then you should certainly consider the tools you have to seek fair compensation.

Protect your future now

Whiplash is a serious injury that requires direct medical attention and may cost you thousands of dollars in expenses and losses before your recovery ends. Don’t hesitate to use the legal resources and guidance you need to build a strong claim, keeping your rights secure and giving you the space and time to focus on your recovery and get back on your feet.

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