Arizona ranks fifth on list of highest dog bite claim payouts

Animal bites occur much more frequently than most people know. Most individuals think that news reports detailing gruesome attacks are few and far between. But the fact is that there are a significant number of animal attacks that go unreported in the media. In fact, 2018 saw more than 17,000 claims based on dog bites alone, resulting in a total of $673 million in damages.

According to one recent study, Arizona ranks fifth on a list of states ranked by the amount paid out for a dog bite claim. In 2018, that figure was more than $40,000, which is well above the national average, with the state seeing nearly 400 claims that year. Only New York, New Jersey, Utah and California outranked Arizona in the cost-per-claim analysis.

A dog bite can have serious ramifications for a victim. Dog bite victims can suffer significant physical pain and suffering, but other damages can result as well. Medical expenses can quickly accrue, and a victim may have to take time off work to focus on his or her recovery, thereby resulting in lost wages. Disfiguration is common in these cases, too, which can have a severe emotional impact on an animal bite victim. No one should have to live with these losses, which is why those who have been affected by an animal bite should consider taking legal action.

While it’s true that a lawsuit can’t undo much of the damage that has already been inflicted upon an animal bite victim, it can provide financial relief, allowing an individual to secure the medical treatment he or she needs to reach the fullest recovery possible under the circumstances. It may also provide financial stability during the recovery process and compensate for the emotional toll taken. A successful personal injury lawsuit can also provide a sense of justice and closure.

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