Car accidents and the cost of a broken arm

The worst car accident injuries are those that leave victims with permanent disabilities, disfigurement or that end up causing fatalities. Although these individuals or their families face enormous losses that typically can only be recovered through a personal injury lawsuit, even comparatively minor injuries can result in serious physical, emotional and financial harm. Therefore, those Arizonans who are injured in a car accident caused by the negligence of another need to carefully consider whether they want to pursue legal action in hopes of recovering damages.

To see just how extensive financial damages can be, let’s look at the broken arm. This is a common injury suffered in car accidents, and it can seriously disrupt an individual’s life. It can be painful and take a while to recover. But on top of the physical pain and suffering associated with a broken arm, an individual can end up facing extensive medical expenses. Depending on the type and severity of a broken arm, an individual may be subjected to as much as $20,000 in medical costs.

Several factors can play into the exact cost of treating a broken arm. Insurance coverage, of course, can be a major driving force, but so, too, can the type of injury. A simple fracture is much cheaper to treat than a complete break that requires the surgical insertion of metal pins and rods. The amount of pain medication used, if any, can have a significant impact on the overall cost of treating this injury.

Dealing with medical expenses can be a headache when trying to focus on recovering your health and getting back to work. In some instances, the damages associated with a car accident are nothing short of tragic, threatening financial ruin. This is unacceptable, which is why some Arizonans decide to seek out legal assistance.

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