How can property owners boost motorcycle safety?

The weather in Arizona means that property owners don’t get much of a break from cutting the lawn. Individuals who aren’t familiar with motorcycling might not realize that they may be causing a potentially fatal situation for people on these bikes.

The grass clippings that fly about when a person is cutting grass should never be blown toward the street. Instead, people mowing lawns can use a bag if they don’t want them in the yard or blow them toward the house if they don’t mind the clippings in the grass. This one small change to how people cut the grass can save many lives and prevent some serious crashes.

Why are grass clippings so dangerous?

Motorcyclists are balanced on two wheels. When they come into contact with the loose clippings, it is the same effect as riding on ice. The tiny bits get stuck in the tires and into the grooves. Ones that remain on the ground shift about as the tires go over them. This makes the motorcycle unstable.

Inexperienced riders might not be able to control the motorcycle and can wipe out. Experienced riders likely know that they don’t need to try to stop or turn while they are on this hazard. Unfortunately, even the most experienced rider might fall victim to grass clippings.

A motorcyclist cruising over this type of debris can lose control and be struck by another vehicle. This can also lead to serious injuries.

How can motorcycle safety improve?

Motorcyclists have just as much right to enjoy public roads as any other driver. The same laws that apply to others also apply to bikers, including right-of-way laws. Other vehicles not giving the motorcycles their due right of way can lead to crashes that cause injuries.

Taking a few moments to think about how various actions might affect motorcyclists is another way that everyone can help. Blowing grass clippings into the lawn and keeping visual obstacles around intersections to a minimum are beneficial.

A motorcyclist who is injured in a crash can pursue compensation for the damages they suffer. This can involve a considerable sum of money, so it is in everyone’s best interests to remember that these motorists deserve respect on the road.

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