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Whether it is in a residential area, on a city street, in a parking lot or rural area, the reality is that pedestrians abound in Arizona. Even when residents in Arizona and elsewhere are not getting around primarily by foot, at the very least they get to and from their vehicle by the simple act of walking. When a pedestrian is walking where motor vehicles are traveling, this can generate a wide range of risks and dangers.

At Gary Phillips Accident Law, PLLC, our attorneys understand that not all pedestrian accidents occur in a crosswalk. They can happen in a parking lot, on a sidewalk when a driver backs out of their driveway, on the side of the road, or even when a pedestrian is jaywalking. Because these wrecks can happen in a number of places and can be caused by a wide away of acts, our law firm is focused on helping clients understand their how the law applies to their unique set of circumstances.

In many of these cases, a motorist fails to drive safely around pedestrians. This often means that a driver failed to check their surroundings when making a turn or reversing their vehicle. However, a pedestrian accident could also occur when a pedestrian crosses the road where there is no designated crosswalk. This could give rise to a comparative negligence matter. No matter the cause, our law firm takes the time to ensure our clients are aware of their rights and the compensation to which they may be entitled.

This is often due to the size and weight of the vehicle involved. Thus, it is important for victims to understand their legal recourses and how a personal injury action could help them place liability on a negligent motorists and assist with the recovery of compensation. To learn more, check out our law firm’s pedestrian accidents website. Some of the most serious and catastrophic injuries occur in a pedestrian accident.

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