Prepare for cooler weather bicycle rides

Even through Arizona residents don’t usually have to worry about wintry precipitation, there are still some challenges for bicyclists during the cooler months of the year. Making sure you understand these and taking the time to prepare can help you to remain safer as you ride.

The preparation for the entire season can start right now with taking the time to go through some basic bicycle maintenance. When your bicycle is in proper working order, you can remain a bit safer since you don’t have to worry about malfunctions.

Check the bicycle’s basics

You need to check the seat height to ensure that you can sit comfortably as you ride. This can also help you to avoid having knee troubles due to long or difficult rides.

Check the chain for defects or worn components. Lubricate it to protect it for the season. This can lengthen the life of it through the rainy season.

Make sure that you have lights and reflectors on the bike if you are going to ride from dusk to dawn. Even if you think that your rides will always be daytime ones, you can still do this since you never know when cloud cover and darker skies might appear.

Prepare your gear

The change of seasons is a good time to check your helmet to ensure it is still in good condition. If you see any obvious defects, get a new helmet before your next ride. Your head isn’t anything to take a chance on.

Pack a small bag of gear that can help you out if you start to get too cool or if the weather suddenly changes. Having a poncho, pair of riding gloves, hat and scarf in the pack provides protections against rain and cold weather. Try to include items that have reflective strips so you are easily visible when the weather isn’t clear.

Practice proper riding safety

As the leaves accumulate on the roadway, they can become slippery. Try not to ride over them if you can help it. They might mask a hole in the pavement, which can lead to a crash.

You also need to review the rules of the road so that you can ensure you can comply in them. Always remember that it is never a good idea to push your way through when there is a vehicle trying to push the right of way. That this can lead to a crash, and wrecks involving cars that don’t give motorcyclists their due right of way can be serious. If you are struck by a vehicle, seek compensation for the damages you face.

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