Are autonomous vehicle programs putting you at risk?

Drivers who rely on GPS navigation know that these systems aren’t always accurate. Checking the news sometimes comes with hearing stories about drivers ending up in odd places because the GPS misguided them. While this might not be much of an issue when there is a human driver in the vehicle who can realize that something is amiss and correct the route, it is a huge problem for autonomous vehicles.

These self-driving vehicles depend on precise positioning to remain on the specified route, and GPS is a part of the algorithm that comprises the position program. When there are any errors in calculation, the autonomous vehicle can end up crossing lanes or moving in unsafe manners.

Autonomous vehicle system challenges

The problems with roadway positioning of these vehicles is only one that stems from the programs that dictate the movements. Another problem is that until the software learns how to handle certain situations and begins to adjust to various hazards, the vehicle might not act in an appropriate manner. An example of this is if there is wildlife on the side of the road. A human can ascertain the likely behavior of the animal by looking at the species type. However, the autonomous vehicle’s program might only notice an object on the side of the road and may not react in a way that minimizes the chance of a crash with the animal.

Direct impact to human safety

The challenges that occur with these autonomous vehicles pose a direct risk to the humans who share the roads with them. While technology is improving, there is still a chance that something in the programming of these vehicles is going to lead to incorrect movements that cause crashes. Unfortunately, without the human touch, these wrecks might be more serious than they would be if there was a human driver who could evaluate the situation and take whatever evasive maneuvers could reduce the severity.

When accidents occur

Because autonomous vehicles are still relatively new, there are challenges within the legal system when handling cases involving injuries caused by them. Anyone who was in an accident with one and suffered an injury should explore their right to seek compensation. By filing a claim, you are attempting to recover damages for medical care, missed time at work and other similar financial impacts. There is no reason why you should be left to hold the monetary responsibility because an autonomous vehicle caused a crash.

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