Make the most of hospital stays after a catastrophic injury

One of the sad truths of being injured in a car wreck is that you might have to spend considerable time in the hospital. This is especially common for pedestrians or motorcyclists who are struck by a vehicle. A lengthy inpatient inpatient can mean that a lot of things in your normal life fall by the wayside.

While some people in the hospital knew about their hospitalization ahead of time, people who end up there after a motor vehicle wreck don’t have the time to plan for their stay. Even though you might be facing this situation, there are still some ways that you can cope more effectively.

Get your electronics

You might be able to get regular tasks, such as paying bills and maybe even working remotely, done if you have a laptop with you. This can also be a source of entertainment if you have games or online television options like Netflix or Hulu available. Some companies offer remote working programs for individuals who can’t go into work. It is important to focus on your healing, so don’t try to rush going back to work.

Plan for time out of the room

Staying in the room can be challenging and make your stay seem longer. Try to get out of it once your medical care team says it is safe for you to do so. You might be able to spend time in a courtyard or another part of the hospital.

Find ways to occupy your time

Hobbies, such as drawing or writing, can help you to pass the time in your room. Think about the things that you enjoy and go from there. You might even be able to find new activities to do. Sometimes, hospitals have programs to help patients who are there for long stays, so you might need to take advantage of those.

Encourage loved ones to visit

A hospital stay can be a lonely time, so encourage your loved ones to come visit you. Even if they can’t stay long, the show of support can be beneficial. Your friends might ask to stop by after the motor vehicle accident, so be sure to take them up on the offer to do so.

Have someone help you with medical issues

It is often difficult to remember everything the doctors and nurses tell you. When you are in the hospital, try to have someone with you who can help you to keep track of what’s going on. This is especially important when there are big decisions that must be made. One option is to have someone video chat with you or call you when you’re speaking about something important if that person can’t be with you in your room.

Paying for the hospital bills is another issue. If another person struck you, seeking compensation for the damages that you suffer is possible. There are time limits for doing this, so you may need to launch your case when you’re still inpatient.

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