Phoenix accident leaves young man, unborn baby dead

Tragedy could strike at any moment. An unsuspecting motorist or passenger could suffer significant harms in the event of an accident. And when passengers of a mass transit vehicle are involved in a crash, this could mean significant harm and even death.

According to recent reports, an 18-year-old who was exiting the bus lost his life after getting struck by a car that had just been involved in a collision. A teenage girl who was pregnant was also hit. She lost her baby as a result of the accident. The 15-year-old female also suffered significant injuries that required hospitalization. She is expected to survive these injuries.

Additionally, another young woman, age 18, had to be taken to the hospital with significant but not life-threatening injuries. A handful of other people were also hit but did not have to be taken to the hospital.

According to police, the accident happened in the middle of the day as a driver was attempting to make a left turn. A young man who was traveling from the opposite direction struck the vehicle that was trying to turn. After the initial impact, the young man’s vehicle wound up on the sidewalk where pedestrians who had just exited the bus were congregated.

Police said that they did not suspect alcohol or drugs were involved in this accident. However, a spokeswoman did say that the young man who ran in to the pedestrians was speeding. The officer said that her department intended to request criminal charges, including charges of manslaughter. She reminded Phoenix drivers of the importance of observing the speed limit and slowing down when pedestrians are present.

Pedestrian accidents often happen when motorists are in a hurry and driving too fast for the conditions. In this case, part of the problem may have been that the driver could not avoid a wreck with another vehicle because he was speeding and wound up having his car thrown into a crowd. Victims of this driver may have the option to pursue compensation in civil court.

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