5 signs a driver may be angry

Road rage sometimes makes its way onto the local news. For example, in late January, a traffic altercation led to gunfire on Mesa streets. Many other times, though, aggressive drivers endanger motorists without drawing much attention from the media. Still, road rage can be deadly.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety defines aggressive driving as a progression of unlawful driving actions. This behavior is illegal in the Grand Canyon State. Nonetheless, because aggressive driving happens, Arizona DPS offers several recommendations for staying safe. Before you can implement any of these, however, you must know how to spot an angry driver. Here are five warning signs:

  1. Speeding

Some motorists think posted speed limits simply do not apply to them. If you are in front of one of these drivers, he or she may become irrationally angry.

  1. Failing to yield

Successfully navigating the metro area’s network of highways, thoroughfares and streets requires the occasional merge. If a motorist routinely fails to yield to merging traffic, he or she may be on the verge of road rage.

  1. Honking the horn

There are some perfectly legitimate reasons for honking the horn. Drivers who use their horns to express their feelings or harass other drivers, though, may have trouble keeping their emotions in check.

  1. Tailgating

Many driving instructors recommend allowing a three-second distance between your car and the one in front of you. Driving any closer increases a person’s odds of having a rear-end collision. Nevertheless, irate drivers may encroach on this space by following dangerously close to other cars.

  1. Changing lanes

Responsible motorists typically change lanes to pass slow-moving traffic, avoid road debris and take other appropriate actions. A driver who regularly weaves in and out of lanes, though, may have some built-up anger.

Road rage puts your life in jeopardy. After all, if you collide with an angry motorist, you may sustain a serious injury in the collision. A fuming driver may also physically assault you. Fortunately, by watching for some warning signs, you can boost your odds of staying safe on the road.

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