How to spot a distracted driver

Distracted driving is a serious issue that should concern all Arizona drivers. Every day, approximately nine people die in crashes associated with distracted driving across the United States. While some forms of distracted driving, like texting and driving, are literally illegal, engaging in any form of distracting behavior while driving is inadvisable and potentially dangerous.

3 types of distracted driving

The definition of distracted driving is doing any other activity while operating a vehicle that takes focus off the road. It can lead to dangerous driving and cause collisions. The three types of distracted driving are:

  • Visual: In the event of visual distraction, a driver takes their eyes off the road to focus on something else inside the car, like a person, a phone or a map.
  • Manual: For manual distraction, a driver physically removes their hands from the wheel to pick up something in the car or possibly address a child’s needs in the backseat.
  • Cognitive: For cognitive distraction, a driver’s mind becomes occupied with other thoughts, impairing their focus.

How to protect your family from distracted drivers

It’s hard to protect yourself and your loved ones from the unpredictability of distracted driving. However, if you can identify a distracted driver on the road and keep your distance, you might avoid potential injury. Here are some indicators of distraction:

  • Swerving lanes
  • Driving too slow or too fast
  • Braking erratically
  • Lingering at intersections
  • Use of headphones
  • Eating while driving

If you encounter any of these telling behaviors, it is advisable to keep your distance for your own safety.

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