Bicycle injuries, helmet studies and smart safety technology

There is no question that in a collision between a cyclist and a motorist, the cyclist will usually incur the most serious injuries.

Head injuries are common. But University of Arizona studies and the latest smart technology speak to the benefits of helmet protection.

About the study

Researchers at the University of Arizona conducted a study to determine the difference if any, that helmets make in terms of the injuries bicycle riders sustain in a crash. They presented their findings at the 2015 Clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons. The researchers analyzed data from almost 6,300 patients who suffered traumatic brain injuries as a result of bicycle accidents and found that only about 25% were wearing helmets. The researchers concluded that cyclists who do wear helmets are 58% less likely to suffer TBI than those who do not.

About the Classon helmet

Research confirms that a helmet of any kind is better than no helmet at all, a fact that riders younger than 20 do not always embrace. This age group has the highest number of accidents among non-helmet-wearing cyclists. However, the Classon Helmet impresses riders who are always on the lookout for new safety technology. In this case, the original design aimed to protect a cyclist who strays into a driver’s blind spot. Cameras mounted front and back alert the rider so he or she can maneuver away from the danger. But the smart technology goes even further, using lights on both the sides and back of the helmet that illuminate when the cyclist brakes or makes arm movements that indicate an upcoming turn.

About safety

Phoenix weather makes cycling popular throughout the year. Many people simply enjoy the exercise and some hop on their bikes to do their part in reducing automobile emissions. However, data confirms how devastating injuries can be and studies emphasize the protection helmets can provide. Cyclists might want to explore helmets with the latest technology and other innovations designed to keep riders and their bikes safer on the road.

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