3 common injuries you could suffer in a car crash

If you are the victim of a motor vehicle crash, even something as seemingly minor as a rear-end collision, you could sustain an injury.

You might only come away with cuts and bruises in a vehicle crash. However, here are three of the more common injuries you could suffer.

Neck injury

A rear-end collision often produces a neck injury because the sudden impact causes your head to snap backward and forward. You may not experience symptoms at the time of the accident, but headache, dizziness or stiffness may follow within a few hours.

Shoulder injury

A hard hit to your shoulder, perhaps caused during a T-bone collision, can cause your shoulder to fracture, possibly in more than one place. This kind of injury often requires surgery followed by physical therapy.

Brain injury

Traumatic brain injuries are common in vehicle crashes. A blow to the head during impact can cause the brain to move and push against the inside of the skull. A concussion is a mild form of TBI, but more severe injuries can result even from minor collisions.

Next steps

Even if you walk away from a motor vehicle collision believing you are unhurt, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible since you could have underlying injuries. In terms of financial compensation, it is also important to have the doctor’s medical report, which will tie any injuries you might have directly to the crash. The medical report that accompanies your claim will go a long way toward convincing an insurance company to offer you a full and fair settlement to cover your medical costs and more.

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