What damages can you claim if injured in a vehicle crash?

A vehicle accident can be as devastating as a rollover or as seemingly minor as a rear-end collision.

Serious injuries can happen in both types of accidents. If you become the victim of a crash, what damages can you claim?

Medical costs

You could suffer consequences as serious as a traumatic brain injury or spinal cord damage in a minor crash that occurs at low speed and causes only a crumpled fender on your vintage Mustang. Even if symptoms do not appear at the time of the accident, you need prompt medical attention since you could have underlying injuries. The doctor will write a medical report, which contains essential information for you and your attorney to use when the time comes to file a claim for insurance compensation. You have the right to expect sufficient coverage for your current and future medical expenses including physical or cognitive therapy, medical equipment such as crutches or a wheelchair, and in-home medical services.

Lost wages

You may spend time in the hospital after the injury you suffer in a vehicle crash. You might have mobility issues or other medical problems that prevent you from working. This is why your insurance settlement should cover lost wages and more if your injury also reduces your future earning capability.

Pain and suffering

Damages for pain and suffering represent atonement for the mental or physical distress that results from the car crash. You have a right to expect compensation for pain and suffering as part of the overall settlement when you file a claim with an insurer.

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