Distracted driving laws in Arizona

Arizona bans drivers from using their devices except in hands-free mode. Distracted driving, particularly texting, is a leading cause of catastrophic auto accidents.

Review the state laws about texting and driving to avoid serious injury.

Prohibited actions

Arizona’s cell phone laws cover all electronic devices, including gaming devices, music players, tablets and laptops. However, it does not apply to two-way, ham or CB radios. Drivers may not hold or support these devices while operating their vehicles. This includes holding a phone between the ear and shoulder.

In addition to talking and texting, drivers may not record or watch videos while driving. The state also specifically bans scrolling through or posting to social media while driving.


Drivers may use electronic devices to report a crime or emergency. Arizona also allows the use of navigation systems on handheld devices. First responders on duty are also exempt from the distracted driving laws.

Motorists who choose to use hands-free technology can operate their phones using voice commands with an earpiece or Bluetooth system.

The rate of auto accident fatalities in general and fatalities involving distracted driving has been declining in Arizona over the past few years. At the same time, however, Department of Transportation data shows an overall increase in the number of total accidents and distracted driving accidents.

The state also reports that driver behavior plays a role in 90% of motor vehicle collisions. Changing habits around driving and smartphone use can help drivers avoid serious auto accident injury as well as protect others on Arizona roads.

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