3 tips for sharing the road with tractor-trailers

Because a tractor-trailer may outweigh your vehicle by several thousand pounds, it is not difficult to see how a collision with one may leave you with life-altering injuries. That is, the sheer size of commercial vehicles makes them a potential driving hazard. 

While you can likely pursue financial compensation from a truck driver who causes a collision that injuries you, you are better off avoiding an accident altogether. The following three tips may help you share the road with tractor-trailers. 

1. Stay away from blind spots

Semitrucks have massive blind spots on all sides. If your car is in one of the spaces, a commercial driver may not see it. Accordingly, you should never drive in a trucker’s blind spots. If you must pass, you should do so quickly. 

2. Use your turn signals

To stay safe, you should notify truck drivers of your maneuvers before you execute them. Before changing lanes to overtake a semitruck, always use your turn signal for a few seconds. Then, signal again before returning to your original lane. 

3. Allow some space

When you drive near a semitruck, keep two things in mind. First, tractor-trailers may kick up rocks that may damage your windshield. Second, commercial vehicles often require a greater distance to stop, potentially making them a rear-end risk. 

Maintaining a safe distance between your vehicle and the tractor-trailer helps minimize these dangers. Therefore, in addition to driving defensively, you should try to keep three or four car lengths between your vehicle and a semitruck. 

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