Insurance companies want to know when your injuries occurred

If you are the victim of a vehicle crash but feel you have not sustained any serious injuries, you may choose not to seek medical attention.

If you later find that you have a concussion, or if a back injury shows up, you may want to file a claim for compensation. Have you waited too long to approach the insurance company?

Delayed reaction

Vehicle crashes happen every day and most are minor in nature. Even so, a low-speed crash at an intersection or a rear-end collision can cause significant injuries. However, you may not experience symptoms right away. In response to a violent impact, the human body releases chemicals like adrenalin that are capable of masking pain and injury temporarily. Symptoms of an injury may not appear for hours or even days after the accident.

Insurance company criteria

Insurance companies have certain standards to follow when evaluating a claim for injuries allegedly sustained during a motor vehicle crash. They will look carefully at the timing — the date the crash occurred and the date you first visited a doctor. If too much time has passed, the insurer might deny your claim concluding that something other than the vehicle accident was the cause of your injuries.

Medical report

Prompt medical attention is essential after a vehicle crash, even if you feel OK, since you may have underlying injuries. Moreover, the resulting medical report will tie your injuries directly to the accident. When you include the report when filing your claim with the insurance company, you have a better chance of receiving maximum compensation to cover your medical expenses and more.

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