What injuries are unique to motorcycle accidents?

Motorcycle riders are a unique group of people and they are vulnerable to some unique injuries.

From road rash to biker’s arm and beyond, here are five types of injuries that commonly occur as the result of motorcycle accidents.

1. Foot and leg injuries

Feet and legs are the areas of the body most often injured in a motorcycle crash. The tibia, fibula and femur are the bones most often broken. These injuries are usually not fatal, but broken or shattered bones can leave you with long-range physical issues.

2. Head injuries

Some head injuries are minor, but motorcycle accidents can result in serious brain damage. Motorcycle riders should always wear DOT-approved helmets. The simple fact is that helmets save lives.

3. Spinal cord injuries

A spinal cord injury or SCI usually occurs as the result of a devastating crash. The victim often faces paralysis, and although research is ongoing, doctors have no way to reverse SCI at this time.

4. Biker’s arm

When you realize your motorcycle is about to turn over, you instinctively throw out your arm in an effort to cushion the fall. Hence the name “biker’s arm” for the associated injury, which could be a sprain, a fracture or damage to the nerves.

5. Road rash

Falling off your bike and sliding across the road often results in a painful rash to exposed skin as well as to skin that is only covered with lightweight material. This is a good reason for wearing leather and heavy denim.

Consequences of motorcycle injuries

Some motorcycle injuries are minor. However, if you are the victim of a crash that requires medical care, there may be significant expense. Remember that you have a right to full and fair compensation to cover your medical costs and more.

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