4 Advanced safety features your next vehicle should have

Without a doubt, one of the top causes of catastrophic injuries in the United States is due to something that is sitting in most families’ driveways: a vehicle. Every year, thousands of Americans lose their lives in roadside collisions.

The good news is, technology has provided car manufacturers with the tools to make modern cars and trucks much safer than in previous years. Read on to learn more about four advanced safety features your next vehicle should have.

1. Adaptive cruise control

As a feature most newer cars have, ACC gives drivers on long highway trips a heads up about potential collisions. By braking heavily and tightening seatbelts when the system senses danger, it decreases the risk of both crashes and injuries.

2. Automatic emergency braking

Another advanced feature that saves lives is AEB. As another technology that can sense potential accidents, this system can prevent rear-end collisions by applying the brakes if it detects the driver is not doing so quickly enough.

3. Rear-view camera

Every year, the backing up of vehicles leads to deaths. Children and pets are particularly vulnerable due to their small size. By providing drivers with an extended backward view behind their car or truck, a rear-view camera is another feature that can prevent accidents.

4. Blind spot detection

Blindspot detection is just what it sounds like. By warning drivers of approaching vehicles in their blind spots, this advanced safety feature can help you out if you are unable to manually check your blind spot for some reason.

Although car accidents are a common cause of injuries and deaths in the U.S., there are now several advanced safety features that can help prevent one from happening to you. This list provides four top options to consider.

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