Crash avoidance systems, new drivers and truck-car crashes

With so many large trucks traveling on Arizona roadways, motorists can become a bit uneasy at the thought of an accident.

A study focused on truck safety issues favors crash avoidance features for trucks, but drivers may find the technology distracting.

About the study

The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute authored a study regarding crash avoidance technology for trucks. The 2017 study, published by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, estimated that automatic braking systems alone for trucks weighing more than 10,000 pounds could prevent 5,294 crashes and 55 fatalities each year.

Technology in use

Fleet managers continually search for measures that would reduce the number of truck-car accidents that occur annually, many of which are preventable. Crash-avoidance systems could help. Safety features might include roll-over stability control, collision warning systems, lane-keep assist technology, rear-view camera systems and radar-sensing cruise control. However, truck drivers do not always use these systems if installed on their vehicles. They see new safety technology as an added distraction. However, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) views both the elimination of distracted driving and the use of collision avoidance systems as essential to public safety on the road.

Essential training

Truck drivers new to the profession tend to experience many more crashes than seasoned drivers. Training, not only with respect to driving but also with an emphasis on understanding and employing new safety technology measures is key. The NTSB and similar agencies want to prevent truck-car crashes and the often-devastating results, including not only fatalities but also the potential for catastrophic injuries.

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