How to spot a distracted driver: 3 common signs

Even if you are a safe driver and know about the dangers of driving while distracted, you cannot control the other people on the road. Since accidents can occur in a single instant, being aware of your surroundings, road conditions and fellow drivers can make all the difference.

To quickly spot and avoid distracted motorists around you, look to these five signs of distracted driving:

1. Swerving outside the lane

If you notice that the car in front of you begins to weave back and forth in the lane and across the lines, this is a major sign of distracted driving. The person having difficulties staying in the lane might be driving under the influence or just distracted, but either way, stay clear of anyone you see swerving.

2. Speeding or driving slowly

Since their mind is on something other than the road, distracted drivers often have a hard time sticking to the posted speed limit. If you notice somebody driving much faster or way slower than the speed limit, keep your distance.

3. Holding a device

In many places, it is illegal for drivers to use handheld electronics, however, bold and reckless motorists will still text and drive or look down at their phones while dialing or changing the music. It is fairly easy to spot the distracted driver, so if you see anyone holding a device, remove yourself from his or her path.

Overall, a major cause of motor vehicle accidents comes down to distracted driving. Know the signs and dangers and speak to your children and adult friends or family about how to spot and avoid distracted drivers.

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