Reviewing 2020 car accident statistics for Arizona

The Arizona Department of Transportation releases an annual report about motor vehicle crashes in the state. The agency bases these statistics on official state, county, tribal and other law enforcement agency traffic crash reports.

Learn more about the interesting trends noted in the 2020 report that can illuminate ways to avoid serious auto accidents.

Facts on injuries and fatalities

An average of 2.89 car accident fatalities occurred each day of 2020 in Arizona, which the state reports as a fatality about every 8 hours and 17 minutes. An auto accident injury occurred in the state about every 12 minutes. Of these injuries, 2,104 affected children ages 14 and younger. This age group also experienced 41 fatalities in car crashes in 2020.

Contributing factors in Arizona auto accidents

Most auto accidents in 2020 involved two or more vehicles. The state reported that nearly 18% of crashes involve just one vehicle, but single-vehicle accidents represent more than 32% of fatalities. Most crashes, about 70 percent occur between the daylight hours of 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Alcohol is a significant contributing factor in auto accidents, involved in nearly 17% of fatal crashes and 5% of all 2020 Arizona accidents. Most alcohol-related accidents, almost 83%, happened in city areas. In addition, nearly 69% of fatal accidents that resulted from drinking and driving occurred in urban areas.

A disproportionate number of fatal accidents, more than 15%, affected pedestrians in 2020. About 4% of bike accidents in the state were fatal last year.

These statistics represent the factors that cause auto accidents in the state so you can avoid these hazards.

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