Airbags save lives but can also cause serious injury

It is important to recognize that airbags will not always protect drivers and passengers from harm in a collision. In some instances, an airbag may be the cause of an injury in a serious car accident.

You should also be aware that not every type of airbag injury results from a malfunction or a manufacturer’s defect. The normal operation of an airbag may cause significant physical trauma.

Neck injury

When an airbag deploys, a person’s neck is especially vulnerable to trauma because it snaps back and forth with considerable force. An accident victim may experience a cervical spine fracture or disc herniation. These types of injuries may be slow to heal and can cause chronic nerve pain that extends beyond the site of the injury.


When a person strikes his or her head against an airbag, the impact may produce a concussion. The effects of a concussive event can vary in severity. Common symptoms include losing consciousness, disorientation and dizziness. All concussions involve injury to the brain, so even a seemingly mild concussion can cause debilitating symptoms.

Eye injury

Damage to the eye is one of the most worrisome injuries that an airbag can inflict. A person may suffer a corneal abrasion from the impact. Also, the chemical reaction that deploys an airbag could cause a chemical burn to the eye.

The potential harm from the use of airbags injury typically does not outweigh the gravity of the harm that could have occurred without this vital safety feature. Nevertheless, the injuries that they may cause could have serious and long-lasting ramifications for accident victims.

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