Could you have an injury and not know it?

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You likely envision visible and bloody wounds when you think about car accident injuries. However, underlying damage to the body may prove just as likely.

A crash generates enough force to cause the body to jar around, even at low speeds. Discover how some injuries may lurk beneath the surface and cause serious damage if not treated.

A brain injury

The brain is sensitive to internal and external injuries caused by a crash. Even if your head does not hit something hard, the brain may bruise or bleed from hitting the bone meant to protect it. The latter situation is cause for concern since you may not know the brain sustained damage. A red flag for a brain injury is head pain that worsens over the hours or days following an accident.

Internal bleeding

The seatbelt and airbags may save your life, but it does not mean that they leave you unscathed. The tightening of the seatbelt may inflict damage on your internal organs, especially those in your abdomen where the lap belt hits. Signs of internal bleeding include bruising that spreads over a large skin area and gets darker.

Disc herniations

The spinal column is a system of vertebrae and discs to protect the cord and provide mobility. The discs absorb and dispel trauma to the spine to save the cord from damage. However, is crash may cause a disc to become compressed and either pinch a nerve or slide into the spinal cord. When back pain accompanies tingling or numbness in the body, it may prove a disc is in the wrong place.

Getting a medical checkup immediately after any car accident may help prevent long-term and permanent damage from an underlying injury.

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