4 tips for bicycle safety

Biking is a fantastic way to stay healthy and get outside. However, it is not without its risks. According to the National Safety Council, preventable bicycle deaths increased 37 percent in the past ten years.

It is unclear why the number increased, but there are clear steps you can take to prevent a bicycle accident. See below to learn four easy tips for safe cycling.

1. Inspect your equipment

One simple way to prevent an accident is to check your equipment before each ride. Keep your tires sufficiently inflated, ensure your chains do not have rust or fractures and check your helmet for cracks or broken straps.

2. Wear your helmet

Speaking of helmets, do not forget to put one on. You can prevent most fatal accidents on bikes by wearing a helmet. Arizona does not have a law concerning bicycle helmets. However, you should exercise common sense and wear one every ride.

3. Increase your visibility

Another good way to decrease your chances of an accident is to wear highly visible and reflective material. In general, riding your bike at night is a bad idea. However, even during the day, wearing bright materials will help motorists detect you and prevent accidents from happening.

4. Learn hand signals

If you want to be a committed cyclist, learn your hand signals. In fact, you should not ride on roadways unless you feel comfortable signaling to other cars and cyclists. Take a little bit of extra time to familiarize yourself with the basic signals.

You should not be afraid to ride your bike. It is a relatively safe activity that thousands of Americans engage in every day. Put the advice in this article to good use, and you will drastically lower your chances of getting in an accident.

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