How to share the road with trucks

Everyone must share the road with a semi-truck at some point. On crowded highways and narrow streets, this might cause you trepidation, especially if you drive a small sedan.

Motorists need to know how to drive in the vicinity of trucks properly. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 4,119 fatalities occurred from large truck crashes in 2019. If you have anxiety about sharing the road with trucks, keep reading to learn some tips for safe driving practices.

Maintain a buffer

When in doubt, keep your distance. Your best bet is to maintain a four-second space between your car and the truck. Pick a landmark and count the time it takes for you to reach it after the truck in front of you passes it. If it takes less than four seconds, you are too close.

Be a proactive driver

Try to anticipate dangerous situations and drive defensively. Things to factor into your driving include weather, traffic, vehicle locations and vehicle signaling. Remember, trucks cannot react as fast as your smaller vehicle.

Stay out of blind spots

Semi-trucks have large blind spots. The most dangerous area is on the right side of a semi-truck because that makes up the most prominent blind spot. If you must pass a truck, do not linger directly behind or in front of the vehicle or on either side of the trailer.

Safely sharing the road with semi-trucks is not an impossible proposition. Avoiding an accident requires intelligent, anticipatory driving and common sense. Keep in mind the tips described in this article, stay safe and drive responsibly.

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