Tips to avoid distracted driving

Most drivers can recognize the actions of another driver on the road who is a distracted driver. Distracted drivers swerve, fail to maintain a consistent speed or stop too suddenly.

You may think that you will avoid becoming a distracted driver as long as you stay off your phone. However, there are many ways to easily become distracted while driving. Here are a few tips to help you keep your focus on the road.

Eat and drink carefully

Reaching for snacks and drinks pulls your hands from the wheel and your eyes from the road. If you must eat while you drive, choose something you can manage with one hand that will not spill on you. If you have a beverage while driving, make sure it is easily accessible with one hand, and within easy reach, so your eyes do not leave the road.

Use caution with devices

If you can turn your phone off or put it out of reach while driving, do so. If you need your phone for directions, call up the directions before driving and use a hands-free mount to place it safely within your eye-line without blocking your view of the road.

Use your passengers wisely

While you focus on driving, have your passengers help with tasks that split your attention. Let them handle the radio and temperature controls. Allow them to help you with snacks and directions. Use passengers to take care of any task that is not driving.

Commit to the task of driving when you are behind the wheel. Keep your full attention on the road so that you are ready and able to avoid hazards that can lead to costly, painful accidents.

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