Your first actions after a pedestrian accident are crucial

Pedestrian accidents are a terrifying experience. The aftermath is painful and confusing, and you might not know what you should do first. According to the CDC, pedestrian accidents lead to one death every 75 minutes.

If a car strikes you, the first actions you take can significantly impact your health and the compensation you receive. See below for a brief overview of the first steps you need to take in the aftermath of a pedestrian accident.

Do not panic

When a car hits you, it is not easy to stay calm. However, if you panic, you might further injure yourself or accept blame for the accident. Determine if you can move and try to get out of the road.

Call the authorities

Call the police if no one else has. Request emergency services for any injuries as well. Do not assume you have no injuries if you cannot feel pain. Shock and adrenaline might cover up a serious injury without you realizing it.

Document the incident

Once you secure your safety, start gathering information and evidence. Do not let the driver leave before obtaining their name, contact information, license plate number and insurance information. Never apologize to the driver. Next, take pictures of the accident scene and take notes of any details you believe are essential.

Do not make a statement

The driver’s insurance company will want to speak with you. Give them honest details about the accident but do not make any statements about guilt or agree to anything before you consult with a lawyer.

Hopefully, you never have to deal with the trauma of a pedestrian accident. Unfortunately, you cannot always plan for the worst, which means it is in your best interest to have a plan of action in place.

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