Cars may be more likely to hit a pedestrian in these 3 areas

Many drivers are attentive enough to check for pedestrians in locations where crosswalks and other crossing signage are clearly visible. However, there are areas where even the most careful motorists might be more likely to hit a pedestrian.

It goes without saying that pedestrian accidents can be devastating for individuals who are not within the protected confines of a vehicle. Everyone can do their part to keep people both on and near the roads safe by knowing which areas are particularly dangerous for pedestrians.

1. Residential neighborhoods

Residential areas are places where neighbors casually cross the road and children feel safe playing in the streets. Parked cars, hedges and fences also make the environment more perilous as visual obstacles impair the view of even the most cautious drivers.

2. Parking lots

The National Safety Council reports that many parking lot injuries occur as a result of distraction. The majority of drivers responding to a survey admitted to texting, using social media or entering an address into a GPS while operating a vehicle in parking lots.

3. Remote highways

The further a stretch of road is from a major intersection or urban area, the less likely a driver is to expect to see a pedestrian. Many remote highways lack sidewalks, so people traveling on foot often make do with a narrow shoulder. This creates a precarious situation when considering the presence of high-speed vehicles.

The places where pedestrians feel safest also tend to be where drivers pay less attention. Attentiveness on both sides is crucial to preventing an accident that can severely harm an innocent person.

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