5 tips for safe Halloween trick-or-treating

As Halloween quickly approaches, you and your child may get caught up in the whirlwind of planning costumes and other fun Arizona celebrations.

Halloween should be a spirited good time, but safety should also be a priority. Now is a great time to think ahead about some best practices for trick-or-treating.

1. Plan a route

Distinguishing the good areas from the bad is difficult at night. Whether your child is old enough to trick-or-treat with friends or you are tagging along, planning a route ahead of time can keep you or your child from ending up in a not-so-safe neighborhood or situation.

2. Discuss pedestrian safety rules with your children before heading out

Teaching your kiddo the rules of the road can help keep them safe. Emphasize the importance of walking instead of running and advise them to look both ways before crossing a street.

3. Avoid walking in the street

If your neighborhood has sidewalks, use them. While sidewalks are not a guaranteed safe place to walk, they are significantly safer than walking in the street, especially at night.

4. Stand out from the crowd

Choosing a brighter costume instead of an all-dark ensemble will help your child stand out at night. Additionally, sporting glowsticks or flashlights can help your child avoid dangerous collisions with drivers, cyclists or other pedestrians who may have difficulty spotting them otherwise.

5. Prevent dangerous wardrobe malfunctions

While wearing the perfectly coordinated mask is tempting, you should always ensure that your child can see through it adequately and that there are no blind spots that may lead them into a dangerous situation with traffic or other trick-or-treaters.

By taking the proper precautions, you can help ensure a safe, fun time this All Hallows’ Eve.

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