Steps your teen should take after a car accident

Car accidents are traumatic, even if they do not involve injuries. Unfortunately, Arizona’s teen drivers are responsible for many of the state’s accidents despite representing a small percentage of the driving population. The following tips will help your teen during the immediate aftermath of an accident.

Pull over to the side of the road.

A car that remains on the road following an accident is a hazard to others and is vulnerable to further damage. Instruct your teen to activate the car’s hazard lights and pull over to safety until help arrives.

Remain at the accident scene

Staying at the accident scene is critical whether or not your teen is responsible for an accident. In addition to losing an opportunity to file a claim against the at-fault party’s insurer, fleeing the scene in Arizona is a criminal offense if your teen is at fault for the accident.

State only the facts

Your teen should answer law enforcement officers’ questions directly and not offer opinions and apologies or blame the other driver. Concise answers will avoid unnecessary complications when filing an insurance claim.

Obtain photos

Photos of the accident scene or your teen’s injuries are necessary for filing an insurance claim. If your teen cannot obtain this evidence, asking someone at the accident location for assistance is helpful.

Exchange insurance information

Trading contact information with other drivers will facilitate a claim filing. In addition, your teen can ask law enforcement for help with this necessary step.

Obtain medical treatment

Your teen may be anxious to go home after an accident, but receiving medical attention from first responders is critical for preventing complications from injuries that shock or post-accident adrenaline spikes mask.

Preparing teens to be responsible drivers involves teaching them what to do in the aftermath of an accident.

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