Ways bicyclists can increase their visibility

Arizona is excellent for cycling, with ideal weather year-round and plenty of scenic routes to explore. Plus, lots of biking clubs and events give extra motivation to beginners and seasoned riders.

However, recent reports rank Arizona as one of the deadliest states for bicyclists. To protect themselves and others, cyclists can use the following tips to become more visible on the road.

Wearing clothing with bright colors

Dressing in light colors or with reflective strips helps motorists see cyclists, especially at night or in lowlight conditions. Bright apparel is essential to reduce the risk of a collision or near-miss. Natural and muted tones blend easily with surroundings and can make cyclists invisible to drivers with poor eyesight, even during the daytime.

Using a headlight and taillight

Biking at night can be dangerous since cyclists are even less visible to drivers. Additionally, riders may have more difficulty seeing obstacles on the road. Anyone who chooses to bike at night should use a headlight and taillight. Headlights help cyclists see the road ahead, and taillights make it easy for drivers to spot a bicycle from behind. Another benefit of lighting is that witnesses may be better able to describe the details of an accident.

Signaling turns

Signaling all turns and stops lets other travelers know what bike riders are doing. Conscientious signaling can prevent accidents and help traffic flow smoothly. While some retailers sell turn signals for bikes, hand signals are unambiguous and the traditional method of alerting drivers to a lane change or turn.

Bicyclists are at a visibility disadvantage in comparison to cars and motorcycles. Taking practical steps can ensure safe rides.

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