Bike helmets make a life-saving difference in a crash

Riding a bike regularly allows you to save money on gas and get some exercise. Frequent cycling may give you confidence in your ability not to crash, but accidents still happen.

Understand why you should never choose to skip out on a helmet, regardless of your skill or experience as a cyclist.

How common are bike crashes in Maricopa County?

Sadly, fatal bike crashes in Maricopa country end about twenty people’s lives every year. Many more accidents cause injuries in various levels of severity.

The causes of bike accidents often involve complex scenarios including other cyclists, vehicles or pedestrians. While as a cyclist, you should stay as aware of your surroundings as possible, others on the road may not always see you in time.

How do helmets change the outcome of a crash?

Any reputable source on bike safety emphasizes the importance of wearing helmets, and for good reason. They significantly cut down your chances of a traumatic brain injury which might lead to death or disability following an accident. A well-designed and properly fitted helmet reduces the force of an impact on your head and brain as much as possible.

In addition to decreasing your chances of fatal head injuries, bike helmets provide benefits that make riding safer and easier. Most styles provide a brim that helps you see better in bad weather or bright sun. Choosing a bright-colored helmet or one with reflectors increases your visibility to others on the road.

With the potential life-saving impact of wearing a bike helmet, it remains surprising how many people choose to skip them. While they may not seem like a fashionable option, the benefits of wearing a helmet make it worth it.

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