What are the most dangerous roads for accidents in Phoenix?

Nobody plans or even expect to experience a devastating traffic accident when they get behind the wheel. In a city as large as Phoenix, AZ, however, it is only prudent to prepare for the worst by at least knowing which roads might be the most dangerous.

The Arizona Department of Transportation releases an annual crash facts summary which reports 104,757 urban crashes for the year 2021, accounting for over 86% of all crashes in the entire state. Because Phoenix is the most populous city in the state, it stands to reason that many of those crashes occur on the city’s most dangerous roads.

43rd Avenue

An analysis by MoneyGeek of crash statistics from the years 2017-2019 shows that Phoenix’s 43rd Avenue is the state’s most dangerous road. The stretch from the intersections at Lamar Road and McDowell Road bears an average of 4.5 crashes per mile, amounting to 24 fatalities in the 3-year period.

Indian School Road

The stretch of Indian School Road from 53rd Avenue to 91st Avenue, as well as the stretch from 30th to 3rd Street, are both particularly dangerous. These stretches see an average of 4 and 3.6 crashes per mile, respectively.

McDowell Road

One stretch of McDowell Road just several blocks north of the Sky Harbor airport sees an average of 2.6 crashes per mile, resulting in 13 fatalities from 2017-2019.

One important factor in maintaining safe driving practices is to be aware of your surroundings and know what to expect on the roads you take. If you do suffer an injury in a motor vehicle accident on one of Phoenix’s roads or highways, you have the right to pursue compensation.

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