What can drivers do to help prevent pedestrian accidents?

Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians all have to share the road. Because they have no protection around them, pedestrians are particularly at risk for personal injury while walking along roadways and crossing the street. There are many things that people can do to reduce the risk of a motor vehicle strike while on foot; however, drivers need to be aware of the role that they play as well.

Here are some things that drivers can do to help prevent pedestrian accidents in Arizona.

Stay alert

Remaining aware and alert while driving is a good idea in general, but it is especially important when it comes to avoiding pedestrians who are less visible than other cars on the road. Avoid common distractions behind the wheel such as texting and eating.

Know the locations of crosswalks

If a motorist drives on the same streets frequently, it is wise for them to become familiar with the locations of crosswalks and other pedestrian-heavy intersections. Drivers should be extra cautious about making right turns at red lights at these locations, as a pedestrian might have the signal.

Obey the speed limit

Speed limits exist to accommodate things such as specific road conditions and how pedestrian-friendly an area is. Going over the posted speed limit means that a driver might not be able to stop at a crosswalk in time or might be unable to avoid a child playing in the street.

Drivers and pedestrians can both do their parts to help keep roadways safe for all users.

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