What equipment should bikers have for safety?

Many people ride a bicycle as a hobby, for exercise or as a more sustainable way to get from one place to another. It is important for cyclists to know the rules of the road and wear the proper gear, especially when riding in traffic since motor vehicles are much larger and more powerful than a bicycle and have the potential to severely injure a cyclist in a crash.

What pieces of equipment should bikers have in order to ride safely on Arizona roads?


Although wearing a helmet is not legally required in Arizona, it is still a good idea for cyclists to wear one to protect their heads in the event of an accident. Bikers should make sure to wear a helmet that is comfortable and fits them well, without being either too snug or too loose.

Bright and reflective clothing

Because cyclists can be less visible on the road than someone driving a motor vehicle, they should wear bright articles of clothing to allow motorists and pedestrians to better spot them. Colors such as lime green, orange and yellow are ideal to wear when riding a bike.

Reflective clothing provides additional protection when riding when there is less light outside. When riding in the dark, cyclists in Arizona are legally required to have a light in front of them as well as a reflector behind them.

A tire pump

Cyclists should also consider carrying maintenance equipment such as a tire pump in the event that their bike breaks down. This is especially important when going on longer rides.

Cyclists should note these pieces of equipment in order to continue to ride safely.

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