How common are pedestrian accidents in Arizona?

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, Arizona had about 307 pedestrians die in roadway accidents in 2022. While this is not only an issue here, the state is one of the worst for this type of incident.

Looking at the statistics, this is a trend that continues to require attention from authorities and those in control who might be able to fix the problem.

A glimpse into pedestrian accidents

Over the past few years, roadway incidents involving pedestrians have been a concern. The worst part is the numbers keep going up year after year. Fatalities in 2019 were at 220. In 2020, that grew to 235, and 2021 ended with 260 pedestrian deaths. Now, projections show a major jump, pushing the number over 300.

The high fatality rate is a disturbing trend

Some states, such as Alaska, saw a significant decrease in pedestrian fatalities. But Arizona saw an increase of over 18% from 2021 to 2022. Still, this is a problem across the nation.

Solutions to the problem require plans

Data suggests urban areas tend to be hotspots due to congested streets and busy intersections. This challenging environment is a top concern for city officials. Those in larger areas, such as Phoenix, are implementing plans to increase awareness, fix dangerous areas and increase signals and signage. Attempts to reduce speeding and distracted driving are also essential in combating this problem.

Pedestrian accidents in Arizona are a prevalent issue that demands immediate attention. Even one death is too many, so officials must take steps now to curb this disturbing trend.

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